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Copyright @  PT Aditya Nugraha Pratama 2008
PT. Aristyo Wibowo Dwitama
Business Activities
       Engineering & Project development for upstream & downstream oil and gas industry
Current Project
       - Detail design engineering of gas pipelineTambun-Tegal Gede, PT. Odira Energy Persada
       - Detail design engineering LPG plant South Sumatra, PT. Wahana Insannugraha

PT. Perri International Indonesia
Business Activities
       Trading in Industrial, Marine & Automotive Lubricants
Current Project
       - Heavy equipments for coal mining industry
       - Bus and trucks for military transportation
       - Marine for upstream activity

PT. ANP Energy
Business Activities
       Mining and energy activities especially in exploration and production of oil and gas block in
       Western Indonesia
Current Activities
       - Awarded for Offshore Lampung 1 BLock
       - Participating in operation cooperation agreement (KSO) PT. Pertamina EP 2006

PT. ANP Oilfield Services
Business Activities
       - Service company for upstream and downstream Oil and Gas Industry
       - Agency of KMC Oiltools products, especially for drilling fluids and waste management
Current Project

PT. ANP Agro
Business Activities
       - PT. ANP Agro is company main business with agriculture products. Our market for selling
         organic fertilizer with guano phosphate to Domestic and Export market.
         Our product is more natural and makes fertile, healthy, conservation, increases production.
         The organic fertilizer made from natural material. Making helpful for the plants growth
         especially towards the crop , vegetables , fruits and flowers